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448 Cole Landing Road, Blackwood, NJ 08012  ( 609 685 9535)


In the days when cats roamed free upon the earth, the idea of a manufactured cat tree would have seemed ludicrous!
But in today's society of more and more cars going faster and faster, the added dangers to cats has prompted many
cat owners to keep their kitties inside. That way they're also protected from the many diseases they can get outdoors.
That's why every owner with an indoor cat needs to have a cat tree! 


We pride ourselves on providing customers with the best quality products and personal service.

You can order from us over the phone (609 685 9535), by email at Jimscatgyms@aol.com or visit one of the retail locations that carries our products.

If you ever bought a cat gym, you know how expensive they can be. Our competitors (Pet Smart,Petco, etc...) sell these for $250, $300 and even more! That's Crazy!! We sell ours for around $100.(Delivery is available. Extra charges may appy for special orders.)

We can create custom orders.  Just let us know what you are looking for and we will accommodate your requests.